Training a new generation of farmers is an on-going endeavor, so we hope to inspire you to continue giving to the effort. No gift is ever too small or too large to be put to immediate use, and the impacts show up for years in the work of our graduates. 

Please consider helping the Organic Farm School (a 501(c)3 nonprofit) 

Empowering new farmers takes a lot of resources...from land and farm equipment to classroom space and staff, just to name the essentials!

With more than half of all US farmers 55+ years old and with 91 million acres of farmland needing to be transitioned to new farmers in the next five years, helping new farmers is vital to ensuring that our food system develops sustainably into the future.

As hard as we work to keep our expenses lean and our earned revenue from student produce robust, fundraising will always be part of what we do. We're hoping you see yourself as part of the future of food and farming, and that you'll be inspired to make a financial gift to the Organic Farm School.

We are so proud of the work and vision of our students/graduates, and hope you share this sense of pride in the work they do and how they show up in the world. Your contributions to the Organic Farm School are, in the most real way, an investment in a resilient and accessible food system. Thank you!


Donations can be made via Donorbox by clicking the button below or by mailing a check to: OFS, P.O. Box 837, Freeland, WA  98249

No gift is too small or too big to be put to use right away! Monthly gifts are appreciated and can be set up

through Donorbox or through your banking institution.