Pre-order your pastured pork for 2018

We're now accepting pre-orders for our 2018 pastured pork.  We brought our five pigs onto the farm in May, and have been rotating them through a particularly weedy and brushy section of our field, using their natural digging tendencies to help prepare our new fields for planting. 

In addition to all that pasture, they've also been enjoying tasty vegetables that are past their prime for humans, both from our farm and from the Star Store in Langley.  

The pigs will be harvested the first week of October.  You can purchases either half of a pig, or the entire animal. They're priced at $7 per pound, and will be priced according to their hanging weight, which we expect will be somewhere between 140 - 165 lbs for each pig.  Prices are based on individual animals, so prices will vary with the weight of each animal.  However, if you'd prefer a larger or a smaller pig, let us know and we're happy to oblige. 

There will also be a cut and wrap fee from the butcher.  We're working with Sylvana Meats, in Stanwood, and you'll communicate directly with them regarding what type of cuts you'd like.  Their cut and wrap fee is $0.64/lb, with an additional $0.70/lb for any cuts you choose to have smoked (such as bacon and hams)

In total, each pig will cost somewhere between $1,100 and $1,300, depending on the animal's weight and how much you choose to have smoked.  If even half a pig is more than you'd like, find a friend or two who might want to split the order.  

In order to make this process as humane for the pigs as possible, they will be slaughtered here at the farm, in the company of their caring student caretakers, by a professional mobile slaughter unit, and then transported to the butcher. 

If you're buying a pig and are interested in being present for the slaughter, please get in touch.  We'd be glad to have you here for this solemn and meaningful event.  

You can pre-order your half or whole pigs below for a $100 deposit.

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