Reserve your LAMB for 2018!

We're now accepting pre-orders for our 2018 whole lamb.  Our 2017 lambs were a great success, and we're looking forward to having a few more lamb next year.  

We'll be bringing our lambs onto the farm sometime in early spring, and rotating them around our fields in an intensive rotational grazing system, where they'll get access to fresh pasture multiple times per week.  In addition to all that delicious grass and clover, they'll also be enjoying tasty vegetable treats whenever we have produce that's past its prime for humans.  

The lambs will be harvested sometime in October 2018.  They'll be priced at $9 per pound, and will be priced according to their hanging weight, which we expect will be somewhere between 45-60 lbs for each lamb.  In addition to this, there will be a $55 per animal cut and wrap fee from the butcher.  If that's more lamb that you'd like, find a friend or two who might want to split the order. 

In order to make this process as humane for the lambs as possible, they will be slaughtered here at the farm by a professional mobile slaughter unit, and then transported to the butcher.  Customers will then communicate directly with the butcher about the specific types of cuts they would like from their lamb.   

You can pre-order your lamb below for a $100 deposit per lamb.

If you have any questions, please contact Aaron at

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