The Organic Farm School works with Elijah Isles from Green Isle Farm to learn how to raise and harvest lamb. Green Isle Farms produces premium quality grass fed lamb here on Whidbey Island Washington. At Green Isle Farms the well-being of both the animals and land is foremost in our practices. Lambs are ethically handled with care and compassion and no chemicals are added to their pastures. We believe that sheep should live as close to how they would naturally as possible therefore they are on pasture all year and their feed is never supplemented with grain or hay. These practices lead to a happier, healthier animal, and more delicious and nutritious meat. In the summer we share land with the Organic Farm School and are proud to work closely with them to improve the land and teach a new generation the love of farming. So if you're visiting the farm school don't forget to come say hi to the sheep!

Want to buy lamb? Click on Green Isle Farms Lamb Price Sheet: Lamb Price Sheet

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