At the Organic Farm School, our goal is very clear — to train a new generation of farmers for financial, environmental and cultural success in this rapidly changing world. We believe that the fastest way there is through our full-time, intense, integrated program. If you are looking for an investment that will position you to begin your farming career while proactively building your professional network and helping you avoid costly mistakes, we are here for you! Yes, it costs $6500. We are able to keep tuition at this level only because we sell the produce you will grow while you are with us (meaning that your work is part of the deal and a significant part of your learning). The time/money you spend will quickly return to you in clearer goals, stronger skills, employment prospects, and/or farming opportunities.

However, we also know that the future we all want requires more people to be involved in food production on many levels, and we are masters of the multiple perspective approach!

If you are on island, perhaps interning at a farm or tending to family responsibilities in ways that make full-time instruction and field work a non-starter, consider applying for our “Class Only” option. This gives you access to our weekly classroom instruction (60 classes), but doesn’t attach you to our field instruction, field trips, or harvest/market schedule. Limited spots available, $3500.

For those who already have some farm experience and are looking for a specific focus, you should consider one of our four “Short Course” tracks, each with 15 classes (Farm Operations; Farm Planning; Farm Business; Skills & Livestock; $900 each)

Throughout the season, there will also be special workshops on tractor repair/maintenance, seed development and small-scale grain production. These will be advertised as details get tightened up.

If you are someone who needs access to whole, fresh food, but doesn’t have want to devote resources to purchase same from the local grocery stores or markets, you might consider our “Work Trade”option. We evaluate your needs and availability, and train accepted individuals in harvest methods and basic field observation. In exchange for working a harvest shift, you are given fresh veggies to take home with you. (the fee is your labor)

And if you’re interested in what we’re doing, but not looking for a learning opportunity, we offer walking tours of the Farm every Friday from May 3 - September 27, from 3-5pm. We also host a community Picnic Potluck in July that is free!

For those looking to purchase from us, we’ll be hosting a pop up farm stand at the Island Athletic Club every Wednesday morning and evening, a farm stand at the Farm on Thursdays and Fridays, and we go to the Redmond Market on Saturdays from May - October. 

No matter how you engage with us, our hope is that you’ll get to know us better and learn something about growing food along the way. No matter what happens in this world, everyone gets hungry.