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The goal of this new program is to offer an on-the-ground glimpse of what it takes to get food to tables, a perspective on how farming is an environmental/cultural/economic issue, and preparation for future paid farm work.

The Organic Farm School is located on beautiful Whidbey Island in the Maxwelton Valley. Participants in this 10-week program are encouraged to explore the robust community here.

What does this opportunity look like?

  • June 24 - August 30th (we can work with scheduling conflicts)

  • There is no cost to students

  • Includes housing

  • Hands-on learning Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday with a certificate granted on successful completion

  • Option to participate in Thursday discussion groups and field trips to other farms

  • Skills taught and through required work. Tasks will be demonstrated and explained then you will jump into doing:

    • basic farm biosecurity

    • propagation from seed

    • transplanting into field

    • weed identification and cultivation techniques

    • Pest identification and exclusion

    • harvest techniques

    • processing/packaging techniques

  • What this opportunity does not include:

    • classroom instruction

    • business planning

    • crop planning

    • farm planning

What we are we looking for? Individuals interested in:

  • exploring the lifestyle of a small scale farm

  • improving their connection with Earth and food

  • possibly pursuing farming as a source of income

Basic requirements:

  • must be 18 or older

  • able to do the physical work of farming, to include, bending, stretching, walking over mostly even ground, working in the full variety of weather, and lifting up to 40 pounds repeatedly in a day.

  • capable and committed to following instructions

  • willingness to work on pace

  • enthusiastic about receiving suggestions for improvement

  • consistently present and on time

  • interest in and willingness to live cooperatively with other students in a shared housing arrangement

Fill out the form below to request that an application be emailed to you.
Applications must be received by May 31st. Applications will be reviewed and interviews will be scheduled for June 3 and 4.
Decisions will be made and announced by June 7th.

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