Successful farmers must be Jacks & Jills of all trades--growers, mechanics, scientists, businesspeople, caregivers, meteorologists, and the list goes on. At the Organic Farm School, we strive to expose our students to as many of these important skills as possible so that they will be prepared for running their own successful farm businesses. Our curriculum is based off of UC Santa Cruz's Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems curriculum, and over the years we've tweaked it and added to it to reflect our students' learning goals and the ever-changing landscape of food and farming. Here is a typical season's worth of classroom subjects, and we do many more classes out in the field. 


Propagating Crops from Seed/Greenhouse Management

Managing Soil Fertility

Nutrient Budgeting

Soil Physical Properties

Soil Chemistry

Reading & Interpreting Soil Test Reports

Garden & Field Tillage and Cultivation

Managing Weeds

Variety Trials & Plant Breeding

Principles of Biology & Ecology

Managing Arthropod Pests

Managing Plant Pathogens

Irrigation: Principles & Practices

Farm Equipment: Types, Purchasing, Maintenance

Crop Rotation

Selecting & Using Cover Crops

Making Flower Bouquets

Farm Infrastructure & Farmscaping

Small Engine Mechanics & troubleshooting

Basic Farm Carpentry

Care of Small Livestock

Pastured Poultry Management


Pasture Management