Do you love good food?

When you join our farm’s CSA program, you’ll receive a weekly box of freshly-picked produce grown on our organic farm. Our staff and students strive to deliver the freshest, most delicious produce possible, and we think you’ll love how it’ll make your meals extraordinary! Plus, joining a CSA is a great way to eat healthier, save money, and feel more connected to the source of your food. 

A unique benefit of joining the Organic Farm School’s CSA program is that you also directly support the training of the next generation of organic farmers. The Organic Farm School (OFS) is a non-profit organization that trains aspiring farmers to start and manage small-scale organic farms through academic and experiential studies, including work on the OFS farm. The CSA produce is grown by the students in the program with guidance and oversight from our experienced farm managers and instructors. 

We would love for you to join the OFS community in growing the farmers of the future - while enjoying delicious, seasonal organic produce in the process! 


Harvesting greens first thing in the morning...

How it works:

When you join our CSA program, you are purchasing a subscription (or share) for a weekly assortment of fresh-picked, organic produce from our farm. Once a week, you pick up your produce at a convenient spot, take it home and, with help from our weekly newsletter, turn it into delicious meals! Our CSA pick-up spots are staffed by OFS managers and students, and members are welcome to visit and discuss food, farming, and life. 

Our season runs for 23 weeks from May 30th to October 31st.  Pick-up is every Wednesday between 5:00pm and 7:00pm at all locations.  

For 2018, we are offering two sizes of shares: 

  • Our Large Share will consist of an average of 8 different types of vegetables each week, and should feed 2-4 people.  The total cost of the share is $550, with the weekly price averaging about $24. 
  • Our Small Share will contain an average of 5 veggies each week, and should be enough for 1-3 people (of course, it all depends on how often you eat veggies).  The total cost for the Small Share is $350, averaging a little over $15 a week.  

We have three locations to choose from to pick up your CSA share: 

  • Maxwelton Valley on south Whidbey Island
  • Island Athletic Club in Freeland, on Whidbey Island
  • Third Place Books in Seattle's Ravenna neighborhood.  (An extra $23 delivery charge - $1 per week - is added to Ravenna CSA shares to cover our ferry and fuel costs.) 


About the share: Market-style CSA

We do a market-style CSA, which means a couple things: when you come to get your share, the produce will be arranged on tables, very much like a farmers' market display.  You'll not only get to choose which head of lettuce you like best, or pick out whichever bunch of carrots speaks to you most – you'll often get to choose between different types of vegetables.  For example, one week you may get to choose between lettuce mix and arugula, and between radishes and turnips: the next week it might be a choice between carrots and beets, and kale and chard. 

We find that this model not only leaves our members more engaged and happy with their produce – it also creates an opportunity for the "community" aspect of CSA to flourish.  It provides a chance for all of us to get to know all of you, which doesn't only make the season in question more enriching, but also provides valuable training in customer service for our students.  Indeed, everything in our program is designed with both our CSA members as well as our students' learning in mind.  We're growing delicious food, and growing great farmers in the process.        

As examples of what veggies to expect in your share: a spring-time box might include  radishes, kale, salad mix, and snap peas; a summer box could include tomatoes, basil, garlic, summer squash, and butterhead lettuce; and for fall you could expect leeks, spinach, winter squash, potatoes, and onions. All of our produce is certified organic by WSDA and we work hard to make sure that when you pick it up, it's as fresh and vibrant as it was in the field!  


Add pastured poultry!

In June we'll be processing one of broiler chickens for same-day pick-up at the farm.  Our birds spend their days roaming on fresh pasture, are fed organic grain, and basically live like kings and queens!